Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Centerpieces Part Two!

So I guess my quest is finally over to find the perfect centerpiece to decorate my table for the fall season and I'm now going to move on to making my own Christmas ornaments soon, for the first time! so please cross your fingers for me:) I did purchase 4 green straw placemats from Target at $2.49 each and I think it definately helps the table.  Here are a few of the centerpiece options I decided on depending on what I feel like day to day.  The first option is fresh flowers and berries, I got the idea on, here is their version

And here is the flower arrangement I came up with using a low square glass vase I already had at home, and I used yellow mums instead of cream carnations, it cost about $8 for 2 small bunches of the flowers from the grocery store and $6 for two packages of cranberries which I didn't use all of, not bad for $14!

And here is the arrangement on my table with my new straw placemats, I really like it and will use it on the table until the flowers die,

And here are a couple more centerpieces I came up with with some items I already had and some I purchased, For the centerpiece below I actually spent about $28, $8 on the tray, $10 on the candles and rest on the faux berries and leaves, all from Michael's.

Another photo of it on my dining table

This one was easy, I just used the glass bowl of foam pears I already had on my table and added a few of the leaves and berries from the centerpiece above, this one may be a favorite because it's simple but has a little oomph added to the berries

This one is the same one as above, only I added the apple scented candle from the centerpiece with the candles and leaves on the brown metal tray, I actually think this looks a bit Christmasy maybe? the red candle with the green pears makes me think of Christmas and not of Thanksgiving.

Well thanks so much for looking at my fall table decor ideas and let me know which one you think I should keep on my dining table, here they all are again

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Thanks again for looking!

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