Monday, November 9, 2009

Decorating With Plates

I have wanted to decorate with plates for a while now, after seeing this become so trendy and seeing how so many people are using them in their living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms even bathrooms I just know I need to try it!  I have some very blank walls in my living room/dining area that I need to spruce up so I think the hunt will be on soon for some beautiful plates.  In the meantime I had been searching all over the net to get ideas and came across some beautiful rooms with plates as a focal point.  Check it out!

I love, love, love this!!!! Did I say how much I love it! But way out of my budget at $599 for the set at Room Service  I hope that I can figure out a less expensive way to do something similar because I am in love with this look

Love this idea from


Another one I love from, I love black and white sooo much!

From, love this blue and white combination!

From member Katie, love the bright colors!

Can't remember where I got this one but I really like the contrast of green against the teal walls

And finally this one from which I love especially since it's a diy job that started with clear glass plates! they spray painted them a shiny chrome first I beleive and then sponged on the red shade... 

Anyway thanks for check my blog out, once I finish my plate wall I'll be posting another inspiration to creation!


  1. Hey there you have a great blog!I am a follower!

  2. My mom has a wall plate display. It's so lovely. I've always wanted to do it myself. I did a similar like with various sized mirrors in my dining room. : )

  3. Hi
    I love what you have done with this place :)
    Love the plates - something to think about when next at the thrift shops.