Friday, December 10, 2010

Decisions, Decisions....

Our kitchen is almost complete, Jerry my husband just finished up the aqua backsplash tile last weekend and we are now contemplating knobs for the cabinets.  Since most of the kitchen is white/neutral we thought about adding aqua/turquoise glass knobs to match the backsplash but then again you can't go wrong with a brushed nickel knob and pull... I also really like the look of a clear crystal knob/pull.  Which ones are your favorite?

Aqua flower glass knobs from World Market

Aqua glass knobs from (These are my husbands favorite but also the most expensive at $10 per knob)

Faceted Acrylic Pulls & Knobs from Target (these are so pretty in person!)

Polished Nickel Cup Pulls from Target for Drawers

I was thinking of using the faceted clear knobs on the cabinet doors and the satin cup pulls on drawers but my husband really thinks the turquoise knobs would make the kitchen pop, I'm just not so sure, I love color and whimsy but don't want it to be too crazy...What do you guys think? I know it's hard to help when you haven't seen the kitchen and I promise to try to take some photo's of the progress very soon and post them so I can get opinions... Thanks so much for all the feedback you all give me, it really and truly makes my day:)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Found!!! Beautiful and Affordable Curtains

I've been on the hunt since we moved into our house back in August for some very specific curtains with no luck. I didn't want much.. just that they be somewhat inexpensive, lined, and a floral print with aqua or turquoise in them, seriously is that too much to ask???..  So recently when I met Christina from The Seam on Etsy and had some pillows made I thought about having some custom curtains made even though they are a bit out of my price range but I really wanted some pretty curtains on my windows.  The only problem was  I couldn't find a fabric I loved except for the one that had been discontinued...  By chance the other day I was online looking at curtains on the World Market website and spotted these

I loved them and since they were only $30 a panel I get to stay on budget! but I still had to be sure I loved them as much in person.  When my Mom said she needed to go Christmas shopping today I got a chance to run into World Market and see them in person and let me tell you they are just gorgeous in person! I can't wait to purchase them and check one more thing off my house to do list:)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun New Christmas Ornaments!

I recently won a blog giveaway from Sheena at who has my dream job of being an elementary school art teacher! She has a really cute blog and I love here artwork so check her out if you have time.  She was giving away a $25 Michaels gift card and I actually won!!!! I was super surprised and very happy since I never win ANYTHING!!!! So the day I got my giftcard in the mail you know I had to make a trip to Michaels which I spend way too much time and money at by the way:)  I pondered what to get, should I make a new wreath? should I get a new tree topper? new ornaments? what???? I had no idea but these little guys won me over

They were just so cute and colorful and happy and made me smile!  I had planned on using just aqua, silver and red ornaments but alas I'm doing red and green on my main tree but I also have a table top tree that I'm going to use my aqua and silver ornaments on that I'll put in my dining room.  Short post I know but I had to share:)