Monday, May 3, 2010

My Name is Kelly, and I'm a Thrift Store-Aholic...

Lately every time I pass a thrift store, I get this surge of adrenaline and feel the urge to stop and start prowling through all of their dusty treasures... It could be my new milk glass addiction, or my obessession with the lines of old furniture, or just my want and need to save money.  Whatever it is, I cannot pass a thrift store without going in!!!! Yesterday  I was on the way to pick up my son from my mothers, he had stayed overnight to help her with the mowing of her yard, weeding her flower garden, etc.  (he's such a good boy, 14 years old and loooves his Grandma).  Anywho I digress, I was on the way to my mom's house to pick up my son Devin and passed one of the many thrift stores on the way to her house and well the mission was to find an antique doily to go into my wall collage of doilies (I'll post about that later this week) but instead I found this

How could I pass this beauty up? and for $2 too.... can you say SOLD!

I didn't find any doilies so decided to take my milk glass vase/urn/goblet thingie and stop at the Goodwill that was also on the way.  They close at 6:00 PM on Sundays and it was now 5:20 PM so I had to walk the aisles fast!  No doilies to be had but I did find a wonderful glass trifle bowl for $2.99

I'd been eyeing one at Target for $12 but this one was better quality (super heavy) and $9 cheaper, Woohoo!!!!  I also came upon another little milk glass vase, this one just a little bud vase for $.39!!! Gotta be kidding me right?

I was super excited since I recently declared that I was going to start collecting milk glass and now here I have two new pieces for $2.39! Yay.  Well I guess thrifting is a pretty healthy habit, it's making my house lovely and I'm not spending large sums of money doing it.  Now if I could just find that vintage doily to complete my wall of framed doilies!  Thanks for reading:)