Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the...Floor?

Yep this is a pic I took of my mirror on my kitchen kitchen gets the best light in the house and I wanted you ladies to see the true color of the mirror (which is a cross between bronze and gold) because see I need your advice... I love this mirror, I bought it 2 years ago at Tuesday Morning, if you don't have one in your area it's kind of like a smaller version of Homegoods or TJ Maxx and like those two it's either a hit or miss.  When I purchased this mirror I was going after a Tuscan feel to my home and now I'm doing more of  a shabby chic, modern cottage look so I want to brighten the mirror up by painting it, but what color?  I'm thinking white since my entry/foyer table is white and I want to hang it above the table, the mirror I have leaning on the table now won't be staying since it's a bit too modern (another phase I went through).  Also, please ignore my half finished fall tablescape:)  I've also though of painting the mirror silver but since I have silver candlesticks and silver in the lamp I thought it might be silver overkill.... Anyway I'm taking a vote ladies, what color do you think I should paint my round mirror?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Can You Love a Chair?...

Um, can you love a chair?  If that's possible, I think I'm in love.... After stalking the Josette chair at Pier 1 for about 4 months now I finally took the plunge and handed over my credit card.  At $199 a chair this was really steep for me.  Like a lot of SAHM bloggers I usually do a lot of our home shopping at the Goodwill, Target, Craigslist, etc.   but after searching for months for something similar on craigslist and in thriftstores I knew that I just needed to splurge on something.  An added bonus is that my husband Jerry really liked the floral print as well and that's saying a lot! Like most men he doesn't have too much of an opinion on home furnishings, I'm lucky if I get an "oh that's okay" cuz usually it's just a grunt!  Anyway let me stop gushing over this chair but seriously I am in love... The only con to the chair is that it's a bit short, I heard one shopper say it looks like a children's chair but they are wide and comfy and did I mention beautiful!  I think my little guy actually loves them too:)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

5 Reasons I Love Fall

First I just wanted to give a huge thanks to my followers! I now have 30 followers, I know some of you have them in the hundreds or even thousands but for my little blog I think it's great!  Now on to my reasons for loving fall.  For me the first little inkling that fall is on it's way is when I see this

Apples in the farmers market! I can't say there is any apple that I dislike.

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And of course Mom's apple pie, my moms is the best in the world (yes I know everyone thinks their moms is)

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High School Football!

My son Devin has been playing since he was 8 and this is his first year playing high school football!  I love the excitement of it all, I don't know what's happening all the time but I know it's a heck of a lot more fun that watching the NFL on the TV

Photo by Eddie Saltzman and Mark Rodgers

Decorating for Fall

It's so much fun to scan all my favorite blogs to see what the latest fall decorating trends are, plus who can help but love when the Pottery Barn Fall catalog comes out!

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and the top reason why I love fall is HALLOWEEN!!!!! 

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I'm a big kid stuck in the body of a 35 y/o stay at home mom so when halloween rolls around we always do it up, go to the pumpkin patch, decorate the house, go to the haunted lake in our neighborhood, etc.  but best of all I think is watching the little kids parade around the neighborhood in their costumes!  well that and eating left over candy:)  So what are your favorite things about fall? As always thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Magnolia Wall Progress!

So I got all my new magnolia pictures in the mail last week and started painting the frames I'd collected with silver leaf paint which I am officially obsessed with.  I am going to be growing the collection and hanging it all along the entire wall including over the top of the china hutch.  I took a couple of pics from my husbands Iphone camera but this was at night so they are not the best.  For some reason my camera is dying on me, probably dropped it one too many times...  Anyway here are some shots, also a couple shots of my new vintage shabby chic china hutch  (I'm so in love with this thing) which was a housewarming gift from my mother (please ignore the ugly plastic light switch plate and unfinished baseboards, these will be finished and changed soon) more to come of the completed room soon! What do you think so far?