Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Ottoman & Butterfly Pillows

I recently came across the perfect ottoman for my living room while in Homegoods.  Of course I was shopping for something else like a broom or something not very expensive but I actually have been wanting an ottoman to use next to our sofa that had a cottage feel to it and when I saw it it was instant love!  It was a bit pricey for me since I'm a cheapoholic ($99) but I walked away from it because it wasn't really in my budget.  I went home a little sad and told my husband about it, he basically said get it but just tighten up the budget next month, woo hoo!!! I was thrilled and went back the next day with high hopes that it would be there.  It was not where I saw it the day before and my heart sunk.... I walked around the store in despair and feeling really sad that I hadn't trusted my instincts the day before.  Something told me to walk down a side aisle that I don't normally go down and there it was pushed off to the side:) I was super happy and anxiously put it in my cart and paid for it!  I really love that it looks like an old post card and I really love the curvy legs on it...ah I just love it, oh and did I mention it's super cushy and comfy too?  Here it is in my living room ,

please excuse my ugly shabby slipcover, I plan on making a new one this month using the Lazy Girls's Guide to Slipcovers which I just purchased here  http://www.pinkandpolkadot.net/2010/04/lazy-girls-guide-to-custom-slipcovers.html and make a new fabulous one all by myself! (wish me luck).

I also wanted to share with you my new pillows, aren't they adorable?!!! I saw these on a recent Pier 1 advertisement that came in the mail and fell in love so when I was in the store a few weeks ago shopping for my giveaway I caved in and purchased them...

Stay tuned this week for a new wreath and some wall hangings I'm making using coasters!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Giveaway Winner and a Goodwill Bunny!

I wanted to announce the winner of the giveaway and also apologize for not writing any blog entries lately, I've been really busy this past week doing all sorts of crafty things which I will share very soon:)  I'm not a very technical person so instead of using random.org which I couldn't figure out to pick a winner I just basically wrote all the entries on strips of paper and put them into a big bowl, I then closed my eyes and chose one, the winner is .... drumroll please:)  Horseygal!!!  Horseygal if you are reading this post please email me at kelly_crews@yahoo.com with your address so that I can send your goodies to you:) 

The other day I was thinking about pulling my Easter decor out and while in my local Goodwill store I came across this adorable little bunny planter for $1.97 which was the perfect size for a plant I just purchased at Lowes last week!  How cute is this little guy?

I'm definately ready to start thinking about Easter now, it'll be here before we know it!!! Have you done any Easter decorating?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Giveaway Time!!!!

I have been such a slacker lately with keeping up on my posts, seriously I think this blogger thing must come a lot easier to some... I'm just not the best writer, funny thing is I'm a goofball in  real life and always cracking jokes with friends and family but when I try to do it in my writing it just comes across weird:( I don't know.. Anywho I've been wanting to do a giveaway since I had 50 followers so it is overdue! I wasn't sure what to do for a giveaway that everyone might like so I just decided to go to one of my favorite stores and pick some things I really liked:) 

I really love Pier 1 and try to visit the store at least once a month to see what new goodies they have in store..these were a couple I really liked

- A glass doorknob wall hook (this would be great for hanging keys at your entryway or jewelry in your bedroom) 

- 4 yellow flower napkin rings ( I think they are either magnolia or dogwood blossoms,either way I love them and actually have the wall hook in my closet to hang scarves on)

- a crisp bamboo sachet ( I was surprised I liked this fragrance since it's pretty strong and I usually like lighter scents but it smells really good!

How to enter: 
- become a follower of the blog if you aren't already
- tell me where you would hang your wall hook and what will you use it for

Giveway will be open until next Thursday, March 24 at 12:00 AM Easter Time, I will announce the winner next Friday the 25th!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You Can Get My Curtain Fabric in the US!

Had I known then what I know now! I just found out that the manufacturer of the fabric I used for the curtains in my living room

 is made by Premiere Prints which is an American company.  The fabric is called Mingei and comes in a bunch of different colorways too...

I love this dark red color! so sophisticated..

I think this would be so perfect for a little girls room!

I think this would be perfect for a shabby chic or cottage style bedroom with it's soft blue and white shades..

This chartreuse color is super bright but would be lovely against white!
You can buy the fabric on their website here http://www.premierprintsfabric.com/index.shtml.  Sure wish I had know that before I had ordered from Tonic Living, a great company to be sure but ordering from Canada and waiting almost 2 weeks to receive does not make this girl happy!  Well I now know and a good thing too since they have some other fabrics I am seriously thinking of ordering.  Hope this was helpful! Oh and ps..I am not being paid by this company (I wish!)  I just thought this could help someone that might be interested in the fabric:)

Monday, March 7, 2011

New Houseplants and Some Milk Glass

I have to confess, I don't have that much of a green thumb for the indoors... I do a lot better with planting things outside and I'm getting really excited about the upcoming planting season but until I can actually plant outside I decided to brighten things up a bit inside.  I bought this little jade plant  a little over 2 weeks ago at the grocery store and she is doing really well in the bright spot I placed her in, I have read many times that Jade plants are hard to kill so she is right up my alley!

On a side note I bought the little pot at Homegoods! I just love that place!

I bought this moss plant over the past weekend while I was in a local garden center looking at flower seeds and bulbs with my Mom

I just loved how drapey she was:) so feathery and feminine looking.  I did a little research after getting her home and they prefer shade over sun so I haven't found the perfect spot for her yet, maybe in my bedroom since I don't get as much sun in there as I do in the living room/dining room areas...

About a month ago I purchased this little milk glass urn from  a consignment/antique shop close to my house and I didn't really have a purpose for it I just really liked it and knew I'd find a use for it eventually...

So I decided to plop my little mossy plant in it and I really like the striking contrast of the bright white milk glass and the deep green moss! 

So what are you doing these days to welcome spring into your home? Are you planning your spring planting like me and waiting on pins and needles?

Friday, March 4, 2011

My Completed Curtains!!!

I'm so excited to share with you my first completed set of curtains that I sewed all by myself! My grandmother would've been super proud:) She was an amazing seamstress that made most of my mother and aunts dresses while growing up and tons of dresses for me and my sisters while we were little girls.   I confess I have totally been bit by the sewing bug!  I am so ready to take on lots more projects which I will definately be sharing with you.  So without further ado, here are the finished curtains!

And yes I know my sheers don't coordinate so well with the new curtains so I will be replacing those soon with a plain sheer in an off-white probably.

Here they are totally closed which I don't really like the look of but just thought I'd show you.  I didn't get the pattern to line up exactly but hey for my first project I'm happy with it. 

I also completed a couple of throw pillows with an envelope back using a great tutorial I found on Youtube! Check out the tutorial from Vanessa at Crafty Gemini here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhZnHhbcN-Q . She also has tons of other sewing tutorials her at http://www.craftygemini.com/

 Please ignore my naked Ikea chair, I need to steam my slipcovers but didn't have time before taking the photo's.  Here's a closeup of my pillow cover with the sweet william fabric
And that's it! Thanks so much for reading!