Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Ottoman & Butterfly Pillows

I recently came across the perfect ottoman for my living room while in Homegoods.  Of course I was shopping for something else like a broom or something not very expensive but I actually have been wanting an ottoman to use next to our sofa that had a cottage feel to it and when I saw it it was instant love!  It was a bit pricey for me since I'm a cheapoholic ($99) but I walked away from it because it wasn't really in my budget.  I went home a little sad and told my husband about it, he basically said get it but just tighten up the budget next month, woo hoo!!! I was thrilled and went back the next day with high hopes that it would be there.  It was not where I saw it the day before and my heart sunk.... I walked around the store in despair and feeling really sad that I hadn't trusted my instincts the day before.  Something told me to walk down a side aisle that I don't normally go down and there it was pushed off to the side:) I was super happy and anxiously put it in my cart and paid for it!  I really love that it looks like an old post card and I really love the curvy legs on it...ah I just love it, oh and did I mention it's super cushy and comfy too?  Here it is in my living room ,

please excuse my ugly shabby slipcover, I plan on making a new one this month using the Lazy Girls's Guide to Slipcovers which I just purchased here  http://www.pinkandpolkadot.net/2010/04/lazy-girls-guide-to-custom-slipcovers.html and make a new fabulous one all by myself! (wish me luck).

I also wanted to share with you my new pillows, aren't they adorable?!!! I saw these on a recent Pier 1 advertisement that came in the mail and fell in love so when I was in the store a few weeks ago shopping for my giveaway I caved in and purchased them...

Stay tuned this week for a new wreath and some wall hangings I'm making using coasters!


  1. Oh wow! So fantastic!!!! Both the ottoman and those gorgeous butterfly pillows. STEAL!!! I love the look of your home...keep it up.

  2. i love the pillows! it is looking so pretty in there with the blues and greens!

  3. i love the ottoman! just keep in mind $99 is not bad! you saved yourself the trouble finding one to do yourself + fabric + time! and look how beautiful this one is! I love homegoods finds!

  4. thanks so much ladies! Joon you are so right, I saw a similar ottoman at Ballard for almost double the price of what I paid so I'm a happy camper:)

  5. I love it! I've been eyeing the fabric that it was upholstered with on etsy here forever now -


    now I may just have to get some! thanks for sharing your find!

    Oh, and in case you are interested...a matching pillow - http://www.etsy.com/listing/70238749/french-script-accent-pillow-12x16?ref=af_you_favitem

  6. The pillows are fantastic and my couch has the same slipcover you have - saving my money for a reupholster - wish I could sew!