Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Living Room Chairs from Ikea!

So after considering practically everything I could think of in order to choose chairs for our living room we finally decided on the Ektorp chairs from Ikea! I had been looking at them for a couple of years now but since we already had the Ektorp sofa wasn't sure I wanted to have the matchy matchy look going on. However after listing the pros and cons they won out over the chairs from World Market I showed you on this post . Here they are in our living room with the Target pouf I also recently bought on a whim.

By the way here is my inspiration photo for my living room although since my style is a bit more shabby chic/cottage it won't be exactly the same

I think I'm going to use this fabric from Waverly called Chippendale Fretwork in Mist for curtains

And I'm still on the hunt for a vintage french or queen anne style coffee table, can't wait to reveal the whole living room once everything is all pulled together!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Visit to World Market and the hunt for a perfect chair

Sorry about the extremely long title but I just had so much to share in this post:) Over the holiday weekend my husband and I took a trip to World Market which is only about a half hour drive from our house but everyone who knows me knows that I am not much of a driver so if a store isn't 15 minutes or less from my house I just don't go that often! I'm always checking out the World Market website and had noticed that they had some new spring merchandise out that I so wanted to see in person. My experience with World Market has been pretty good but I have noticed that sometimes the photo's on their website tend to make the colors look richer and brighter than when you actually see the item in real life. We have lived in our house for 2 1/2 years now and I still have not found the perfect chairs for our living room:( Right now we have this chair that was purchased sort of on a whim from Ikea based mainly on the comfort factor and it being stain resistant!

You see I live in a house full of men, my husband and two nearly grown teenagers and one very cute little 4 year old (I'm partial:) so comfort for them is key and something durable and easy to clean for me is key! So again I purchased the chair on a whim at Ikea because it met both of those needs, it's super comfy and wipeable but not so pretty...I dream of two pretty wingback style chairs, something slightly french or victorian looking. So when I saw some of the new chairs on WorldMarket's website I knew I had to take a looks in person!

So these were my picks online before seeing the chairs in person and testing them all out.

The Peacock Quincy Chair

This is the Peacock Quincy Chair in person

My impression: first of all the lighting in the store is not so great so taking good pictures is kind of hard....but the color of the chair was gorgeous and I loved the velvet fabric! however it wasn't a comfy chair, more for looks than sitting in in my opnion, so definately not in the running for my house.

The Fern floral Print Erin Chair

The Fern Floral Erin Chair in person

My impression: I really like this chair, however the colors were not as vivid in person as they were online:( I really wanted the blue in the chair to be more of a true aqua blue but it wasn't although once I plopped an aqua pillow in the chair the colors seemed to pop more. It was also pretty comfy but I'm a bit afraid of it getting stained from being so light in color.

The Reading Chair

The Reading Chair in Person

My Impression: At first glance I liked it but didn't love it, however my husband really loved it, especially the comfort level. It was a bit more comfy than the Erin Chair but the background color bothered me a bit, it's sort of a cross between gray, beige and olive green..and yes I know I'm very picky:) This one will definately hold up better on dirty hands and sticky fingers though:)

So the contenders are the Fern floral print Erin Chair and the Reading chair. We are planning to make the purchase before their furniture sale ends on February 3rd so we have to make up our minds pretty soon! While we were there I snapped a few pictures of some other pretty home decor items I loved, there was so much eye candy and if I had been by myself I would have probably stayed in there all day snapping pictures...

I loved these gorgeous green/blue glass candlesticks, I think I'll pick these up when we go back for the chairs!

Pretty postcard style throw pillow

This Peacock artwork was breathtaking! my husband and I both loved it but at $300 it's definately a splurge purchase...

Floral fabric covered boxes

Cool vintage inspired clocks, I want one for my mantel...

Love this for the kitchen

Vintage style photo frames

So what do you think? which chair would you pick?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Embracing Emerald

So when Pantone announced their new color of the year for 2013 to be emerald green I kind of frowned a bit...Don't get me wrong I love green but I prefer bright vibrant apple green and chartreuse. Emerald green for some reason just didn't get me excited at all and I'll tell you even after checking out the Pantone site I'm still a bit on the fence. I do love what they have to say about it and the lush beautiful pictures on their website had me daydreaming about a trip to Ireland... "Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony." Sounds beautiful right? Check out some of the moodboards that are on their website

Those green laundry detergent bottles had me looking at laundry detergent a whole new way...

loving the ruggedly handsome man in the emerald green plaid shirt!

Gray and Emerald together are stunning on walls, who knew?

So checking out the moodboards made me start really liking the color a bit more and of course I had to to do a little cyber window shopping to see what I could come up with for little pops of emerald home decor. Here are some of my favorite finds.

Fun little pillow from etsy seller JillianReneeDecor

Source: etsy.com via Kelly on Pinterest

Pretty green trellis pillow from MotifPillows on Etsy

Source: etsy.com via Kelly on Pinterest

Beautiful wine glasses from World Market


Arabesque Rug from FloorsUSA

Lovely recycled glass reed difuser from PrettyPalette on Etsy

Source: etsy.com via Kelly on Pinterest

How about just purchasing a bag of green sea glass from the craft store and adding it to a vase or glass bowl for display

Beautiful yet still a little creepy buttefly specimen art, find it at BugUnderGlass on etsy

Source: etsy.com via Kelly on Pinterest

Really loving this colorful pom pom trim pillow so much although it may be more teal than emerald

And last but not least are these gorgeous green vintage books found on etsy by HucksterHaven ( I love using books for decor)

Source: etsy.com via Kelly on Pinterest

What are your thoughts on the new color of the year? are you looking forward to adding some emerald to your home decor?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Belated Happy New Year!

I'm Baaaack! so after much contemplating I decided to give blogging another shot, especially since I still dream of decor how could I not! I do want to apologize to anyone that has posted comments while I was gone and if I didn't answer your question or comment I am attempting to do so now. 2012 was a really crazy and difficult year for me, dealing with my youngest son's autism, going to different doctors, starting culinary school and then deciding it wasn't for me....and on and on...anywho I'm back and I can't wait to start blogging about decor again!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Decor and A New Blog!

I am so very sorry I have't blogged in 2 months but truthfully I was in a bit of a funk, trying to figure out interesting blog posts that were all about decor while I'm baking, crafting and raising kids along with trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life professionally! I decided to not box myself in and although it has taken me a pretty long time to gain my 65 followers I have decided to start a new blog where I can share everyday stuff about me, my craft projects, my love of baking, my new found love of sewing and of course some home decor! The blog is called Magnolia Sugar and I'm still working out the kinks with the design but I hope you will follow me there at http://magnoliasugar.blogspot.com/ . Okay so here are a couple of really easy things that make me feel happy it's summer and longing for the beach:) I really wanted something for my dining room table to say summer and I came up with super easy table centerpiece.

It wasn't a super cheap one to do, I spent a total of $24 for the hurricane, candle, sand and shells but I guess it wasn't too expensive since I can reuse the candle holder for other seasonal centerpieces.

This is a wreath I actually made last year after seeing a really pretty one on someones blog (can't remember where). I basically just wrapped a foam wreath in ribbon and hot glued shells all over it, super easy but very heavy!

Okay well that's it for my summer decor for now, remember for now on I'll be blogging about decor, craft projects, baking,etc over at http://magnoliasugar.blogspot.com/. Thanks so much for all your past thoughtful comments and suggestions, I hope you will enjoy the new blog even more!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Entry Wall Stencil Project Completed!

Well let me start off by saying that if I had to do it again I wouldn't have gone the cheaper route like I did!  This project only cost me approximately $10 but the next time I will be ordering a sheet of stencils instead of purchasing one measley stencil from Joanne's for $5....  I am pleased with how things turned out but I wish I hadn't spent 4 days on doing it (while my toddler was running around), and here I was thinking it would only take me a day... What the heck was I thinking?  The wall I stenciled serves as our entry way so I use the little green table to hold mail and the boys will generally sit in my much loved goodwill chair to put on their shoes, the coat rack usually holds my purse and a ton of jackets although I threw those all on the sofa so the photo would be a bit prettier:)   I hate that our security console thing is on this wall but I wasn't there when it was installed and let me tell you I was furious with my husband when I came home to find that thing planted in teh center of the wall....   I am also hoping to find a larger table/desk that has more storage in the near future because I think that the scale is off by the table being so small, what do you think?  I actually just picked up a free desk that I got from a fellow freecycler which I absolutely love but it needs a lot of tlc so it will be a while before I can use it in the entryway.  I can't wait to finish ripping up the carpet and installing our bamboo floors and re-installing baseboards, everything is going to look so much better when it's all done! 

Here is a close up of the stencil

And here is a larger view of the wall although I'm so ashamed that after almost a year of living in our home and ripping out all of the old baseboards that we still haven't put them in although they are sitting in our basement along with the uninstalled bamboo flooring  (trust me it's on the honey-do list)....

So I have a question that I need your help with, when I do decide to replace the little green table with something larger, what color do you think it should be?  I use a lot of green and blue throughout my home but I'm wondering is something white would look better instead of the green?  Keep in mind that our flooring will eventually be a dark espresso brown....