Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pottery Barn Lookalike Wreath

I have been admiring this wreath on the Pottery Barn Website for a while now,

I really like this one as well in all green
but at $79 I knew I could do better!  I first gathered up my supplies which are

-1 $5 faux evergreen wreath from Michaels or any craft store or I've even seen some at Dollar Tree
-Assorted Christmas ornament balls in 2 or three different sizes, I spent about $15 on different Christmas balls from Target and the Dollar Tree
- Glue Gun and hot glue sticks

I first started trying to wire the ornaments to the wreath base but found that it was taking too long and was just too tedious so I just decided to break out the trusty glue gun and randomly glue them in trying to alternate colors and sizes a bit.  This is what I ended up with

Sorry for the bad photo quality, I had to end up using my husbands camera phone because the metal part on the cord to my digital camera got bent (which I'm furious about).  I think it turned out rather well and only cost me approximately $20 vs. $79!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Passion for Purple!

I have always loved purple! I have a school photo of me in the 5th grade and in it I am wearing a purple sweater and wearing a purple silk flower comb in my hair, it is one of my all time favorite photo's of myself as a child.  I once had a room with purple velvet curtains and throw pillows but everything else was pretty neutral in the room.  In my next home I hope to have enough space where I can dedicate my passion for purple in a whole room, I'm talking purple furniture, etc.  I've noticed that while reading some of my favorite design blogs that more and more people are using the color in their homes.  I see it used with grey a lot and I really love that combination!   Well here are some photo's I've started collecting of purple rooms or rooms with maybe just a few spashes of purple.  What do you think? is purple here to stay for home decor?

Love this carpet! and the grey velvet sofa, this is just so chic! I would have never thought to use a brown table though...

How luxurious is this bedroom?! Who wouldn't love to sleep against this beautiful headboard.

Not sure if this is exactly purple, looks a bit more magenta maybe? but I love the modern shapes in the room.

Love everything about this room!

This room gives me more ideas for my next bedroom, again love the combination of grey and purple with the chocolate brown headboard and dresser.

I am dying for the curtains and ceiling color of this room

Another beautiful room

Purple and grey again! a winning combination

My favorite one of all! that wallpaper and silver sunburst mirror is to die for! I also love all the mirrored pieces, this would be my dream room.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Decorating With Plates

I have wanted to decorate with plates for a while now, after seeing this become so trendy and seeing how so many people are using them in their living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms even bathrooms I just know I need to try it!  I have some very blank walls in my living room/dining area that I need to spruce up so I think the hunt will be on soon for some beautiful plates.  In the meantime I had been searching all over the net to get ideas and came across some beautiful rooms with plates as a focal point.  Check it out!

I love, love, love this!!!! Did I say how much I love it! But way out of my budget at $599 for the set at Room Service  I hope that I can figure out a less expensive way to do something similar because I am in love with this look

Love this idea from


Another one I love from, I love black and white sooo much!

From, love this blue and white combination!

From member Katie, love the bright colors!

Can't remember where I got this one but I really like the contrast of green against the teal walls

And finally this one from which I love especially since it's a diy job that started with clear glass plates! they spray painted them a shiny chrome first I beleive and then sponged on the red shade... 

Anyway thanks for check my blog out, once I finish my plate wall I'll be posting another inspiration to creation!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Inspiration to Creation!

I have admired West Elm's furniture as well as their home decor for quite a while.  They always seem to have fresh and fun new ideas that work so well with their modern furniture.  My latest craving from West Elm is their Manzanita Wall art (pictured below). 

I love it so much but just can't see spending $99 for something I may tire of in a year or two.... So on one of my many recent shopping trips to Target where I usually purchase things like, diapers, hand soap and paper towels I was checking out their candle decor aisle and noticed these for $15!

I thought that maybe with a coat of silver spray paint I could get a similar effect for the blank wall in my dining area.

This is them before painting them with Krylon's Brilliant Silver Metallic paint, very pretty but I really wanted silver...

And after painting them and hanging them on the wall (my husband will kill me if he knows how many holes I actually put in the wall trying to find the perfect spot on this wall!) Not the best picture

A close up

A little better picture

Well thanks for looking, just thought I'd share my inspiration and my little creation that I'm feeling so proud of.   My husband actually walked in the house this evening and noticed these little candle holders on the wall and said "hey where'd those come from? they look nice"  I couldn't believe it cause he never notices anything!  Tomorrow I'm doing a post about purple and how much I love all the purple rooms I've been seeing online lately.  Have a great night:)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Centerpieces Part Two!

So I guess my quest is finally over to find the perfect centerpiece to decorate my table for the fall season and I'm now going to move on to making my own Christmas ornaments soon, for the first time! so please cross your fingers for me:) I did purchase 4 green straw placemats from Target at $2.49 each and I think it definately helps the table.  Here are a few of the centerpiece options I decided on depending on what I feel like day to day.  The first option is fresh flowers and berries, I got the idea on, here is their version

And here is the flower arrangement I came up with using a low square glass vase I already had at home, and I used yellow mums instead of cream carnations, it cost about $8 for 2 small bunches of the flowers from the grocery store and $6 for two packages of cranberries which I didn't use all of, not bad for $14!

And here is the arrangement on my table with my new straw placemats, I really like it and will use it on the table until the flowers die,

And here are a couple more centerpieces I came up with with some items I already had and some I purchased, For the centerpiece below I actually spent about $28, $8 on the tray, $10 on the candles and rest on the faux berries and leaves, all from Michael's.

Another photo of it on my dining table

This one was easy, I just used the glass bowl of foam pears I already had on my table and added a few of the leaves and berries from the centerpiece above, this one may be a favorite because it's simple but has a little oomph added to the berries

This one is the same one as above, only I added the apple scented candle from the centerpiece with the candles and leaves on the brown metal tray, I actually think this looks a bit Christmasy maybe? the red candle with the green pears makes me think of Christmas and not of Thanksgiving.

Well thanks so much for looking at my fall table decor ideas and let me know which one you think I should keep on my dining table, here they all are again

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Thanks again for looking!