Friday, March 26, 2010

New Beginnings & Found My Furniture Style!

I just looked back at some of my older blog posts and though yuck! I hate some of the decor I had last year but oh well, we live and we learn:)  My husband Jerry and I found out the other day that we were approved for a home loan so we are on a mission to purchase our first home!  Yesterday we put an offer in on a wonderful townhouse  (that needs a little tlc) in an area we love and would be great for the kids but there were also 3 other offers so we are leaving it up to the man upstairs.   If we get it wonderful, if not we just keep looking... Over the course of the last few months I have finally come to discover what my decorating style is.  It's amazing what reading other peoples blogs and googling incessantly will help you to accomplish.  I have become attached to reading certain blogs and I look forward to checking them each day to see what these ladies are up to, Suzanne at Sunshine and Wine is beautiful, sincere and has amazing style!  Cassie from Primitive and Proper turns old furniture into beautiful pieces you WANT in your home, Meli from Meli Faif Life always has amazing stories, words of wisdom, photo's, etc. on her blog, blogger Six divided by Two with her wonderful photo's of her custom cakes and her wonderfully funny stories about being a twin, etc.  There are too many to name that I enjoy but those are just a few that I sincerely look forward to.  I used to think I was French Provinicial/Hollywood Regency but come to find out there is an actual term for the style I love so much! it's called Modern Traditional and Modern Eclectic and it's so me!  A lot of traditional mixed with a little bit of modern and you get swoon worthy decor.  I have been collecting photo's of rooms that I love over the past few months and there is definatley a pattern there.  Anyway today I accidentaly found a new site/blog that had some amazing photo's of more Modern Traditional rooms.  Check her out!  She has an incredible eye for beautiful photo's of rooms and decor so I just wanted to put it out there.  Here is  a little eye candy for you, some of these are from Maureen's site and some are ones I've collected over the last several months.  As always thanks so much for reading:)

And my favorite of all, probably because I just love a camel back sofa and I love turqoise!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring at My House!

I absolutley, positively looove spring!  My son and I both have terrible spring allergies but with a little bit of claritin or alavert I can function ok.  There is something about looking at all of the spring flowers at a littel garden shop or my local Lowes that just makes me feel giddy!  I just love flowers and the smell of the air in Spring.  I've been in the middle of trying to rearrange things in my humble little house and when I do I'll post photo's but for now i'll give you a little sample of what I've beein doing lately. 

My colorful Easter wreath I made from faux chocolate eggs from A.C. Moore and hot pink geraniums, cost me about $20 to make
Better Homes & Gardens for WalMart plates I just purchaed, I love a scalloped edge:) ($3.46 each)
White ceramic Easter Bunny from Pier 1 ($8)
Little faux antique birdcage from Michaels on sale for ($5) along with 2 little ceramic birds that were about $1 each, also at Michaels

Little bunny candy dish from CVS ($4.99)
I have a serious love of magnolia trees and purchase photo's, etc of them whenever I spot them, the white magnolia photo on top is from Michaels, the pink magnolia tree on the bottom from Etsy seller BroadArrows ($20), she has some amazing work , check her out.  Frames and mats purchased from Michaels ($9.99 for frames, $4.99 mats)

I am on the lookout for 2 more magnolia photo's to frame on the opposite side of the window so if anyone sees/knows of a place/site please let me know. As always thanks so much for looking and enjoy spring wherever you are!