Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring at My House!

I absolutley, positively looove spring!  My son and I both have terrible spring allergies but with a little bit of claritin or alavert I can function ok.  There is something about looking at all of the spring flowers at a littel garden shop or my local Lowes that just makes me feel giddy!  I just love flowers and the smell of the air in Spring.  I've been in the middle of trying to rearrange things in my humble little house and when I do I'll post photo's but for now i'll give you a little sample of what I've beein doing lately. 

My colorful Easter wreath I made from faux chocolate eggs from A.C. Moore and hot pink geraniums, cost me about $20 to make
Better Homes & Gardens for WalMart plates I just purchaed, I love a scalloped edge:) ($3.46 each)
White ceramic Easter Bunny from Pier 1 ($8)
Little faux antique birdcage from Michaels on sale for ($5) along with 2 little ceramic birds that were about $1 each, also at Michaels

Little bunny candy dish from CVS ($4.99)
I have a serious love of magnolia trees and purchase photo's, etc of them whenever I spot them, the white magnolia photo on top is from Michaels, the pink magnolia tree on the bottom from Etsy seller BroadArrows ($20) http://www.etsy.com/shop/Broadarrows, she has some amazing work , check her out.  Frames and mats purchased from Michaels ($9.99 for frames, $4.99 mats)

I am on the lookout for 2 more magnolia photo's to frame on the opposite side of the window so if anyone sees/knows of a place/site please let me know. As always thanks so much for looking and enjoy spring wherever you are!


  1. Supermom! I love your Easter wreath, wonderful job!! and the bunnie is to die for!!

  2. Great finds. I always struggle with Spring decor for some reason. I really like the wreath you made. The hot pink color is gorgeous and cheery!

  3. The Easter wreath makes me hungry. It looks so yummy. I will have to try and make one next year.