Friday, January 29, 2010

Yellow Ruffles N Rosette Felt Wreath

Lately I've seen these gorgeous felt valentines wreaths all over blog land and as most of my family and friends know I looove making wreaths but this one just seemed really time consuming and quite honestly I was a little afraid to try this project!  I started working up the nerve to try it after seeing Maryanna's beautiful red heart shaped one over on her blog   I then found the instructions on and finally decided to visit the Hancock fabric store near our house.  Well it turns out that they had no red felt left so I guess everyone else is Alexandria VA is making a red felt ruffle rosette wreath!  I made an executive decision right then and there and decided to use yellow felt, it made perfect sense since yellow roses are my favorite color of rose and this way I could leave it up well past Valentines Day:)  It took me two days to complete and about six hours worth of work but if you have an entire day to yourself you could easily crank it out in a day.   The Domestifluff  site says they used 2 1/2 yards of fabric which is what I ended up buying although I only ended up using about a yard and a quarter of it, it just depends on how large your wreath form is and how tight you want your rosettes/ruffles to look.  This is what I used:

1 1/4 yards of yellow felt
1 10 1/2 inch styrofoam wreath form

straight pins (maybe 200?)
a 3 inch circle template - I used a pillar holder from my dining room table as a template
a pencil to trace your template onto the cloth
ribbon for hanging

Domestifluff has really good directions and since I'm not so good with that sort of thing I'm going to post the link to her tutorial, check it out here -

Here is the final wreath in all it's yellow glory! I love it and may make another for my bathroom since I have all this left over yellow felt... 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Newest Obsession: Woven Dining Chairs

I apologize for not posting for over a month but right before Christmas my father was having major health complications and had to go into the hospital for pneumonia.  He is doing better now that he is over the pneumonia but still in the hospital so the past month has been really hectic with going back and forth to the hospital with a little toddler in tow so it hasn't left much time for blogging!  I hope to do some projects soon and maybe even a couple of tutorials of my own:)  For now I just wanted to share what has been a new decor obsession for me and has me dreaming of decorating our don't have yet but will hopefully in the near future house we've been dreaming about for a while now!  A few months ago was when my obsession with woven dining chairs began, after seeing this in the Pottery Barn catalog

I just love that the chairs look relaxed and formal at the same time!  So began my search for other woven chairs and ideas to creat the same look...

I came upon this photo and became even more inspired

from the blog  I loved her mix of the woven chairs and the white slipcovered chairs!  Love how beachy and airy yet still formal her dining room is.

Below is the Kaya chair from World Market which was given 5 out of 5 stars on the site

Here it is in GiGi's dining room from the World Market site

In World market user Azn's dining space done in bold colors!

And finally in World Market user Mel's dining room for a contemporary look

I am really in love with these chairs and trying to convince my husband that these would be great in our future home but he doesn't love them quite as much as I do...

Here are a couple more

From Pier 1, unfortunately these are not in the store at this time, I'm hoping they will bring them back because I love them and would love to see how they look in person

The Hyacinth Chair From Z Gallerie

And finally from Ikea, the Majby Chair

And seen here in their 2010 catalog