Friday, November 13, 2009

A Passion for Purple!

I have always loved purple! I have a school photo of me in the 5th grade and in it I am wearing a purple sweater and wearing a purple silk flower comb in my hair, it is one of my all time favorite photo's of myself as a child.  I once had a room with purple velvet curtains and throw pillows but everything else was pretty neutral in the room.  In my next home I hope to have enough space where I can dedicate my passion for purple in a whole room, I'm talking purple furniture, etc.  I've noticed that while reading some of my favorite design blogs that more and more people are using the color in their homes.  I see it used with grey a lot and I really love that combination!   Well here are some photo's I've started collecting of purple rooms or rooms with maybe just a few spashes of purple.  What do you think? is purple here to stay for home decor?

Love this carpet! and the grey velvet sofa, this is just so chic! I would have never thought to use a brown table though...

How luxurious is this bedroom?! Who wouldn't love to sleep against this beautiful headboard.

Not sure if this is exactly purple, looks a bit more magenta maybe? but I love the modern shapes in the room.

Love everything about this room!

This room gives me more ideas for my next bedroom, again love the combination of grey and purple with the chocolate brown headboard and dresser.

I am dying for the curtains and ceiling color of this room

Another beautiful room

Purple and grey again! a winning combination

My favorite one of all! that wallpaper and silver sunburst mirror is to die for! I also love all the mirrored pieces, this would be my dream room.


  1. your style is so very classy! it reminds me of Centsational girl...only her colors are blues...purple is such a passionate color..lots of life in it! I would love to see you use your fav color and you will always feel good in your home!!LOL the color is so amazing!

  2. thanks so much whispering creek house! I can't wait to move so I can have my purple room:)

  3. I love your blog!!! I saw you on my sister's blog- thank you for your prayers!! Come by and say hello sometime. Don't be a stranger!! (The purple rocks)

  4. Purple is such a gorgeously regal color. My bloggy partner once had a bedroom that was deep purple and white. It was so gorg!

  5. I have a purple living room and am searching high and low for an area rug i like. Where is the one in your first picture from? or if you dont know, where is the picture from? Thanks!