Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Inspiration to Creation!

I have admired West Elm's furniture as well as their home decor for quite a while.  They always seem to have fresh and fun new ideas that work so well with their modern furniture.  My latest craving from West Elm is their Manzanita Wall art (pictured below). 

I love it so much but just can't see spending $99 for something I may tire of in a year or two.... So on one of my many recent shopping trips to Target where I usually purchase things like, diapers, hand soap and paper towels I was checking out their candle decor aisle and noticed these for $15!

I thought that maybe with a coat of silver spray paint I could get a similar effect for the blank wall in my dining area.

This is them before painting them with Krylon's Brilliant Silver Metallic paint, very pretty but I really wanted silver...

And after painting them and hanging them on the wall (my husband will kill me if he knows how many holes I actually put in the wall trying to find the perfect spot on this wall!) Not the best picture

A close up

A little better picture

Well thanks for looking, just thought I'd share my inspiration and my little creation that I'm feeling so proud of.   My husband actually walked in the house this evening and noticed these little candle holders on the wall and said "hey where'd those come from? they look nice"  I couldn't believe it cause he never notices anything!  Tomorrow I'm doing a post about purple and how much I love all the purple rooms I've been seeing online lately.  Have a great night:)

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