Friday, March 25, 2011

Giveaway Winner and a Goodwill Bunny!

I wanted to announce the winner of the giveaway and also apologize for not writing any blog entries lately, I've been really busy this past week doing all sorts of crafty things which I will share very soon:)  I'm not a very technical person so instead of using which I couldn't figure out to pick a winner I just basically wrote all the entries on strips of paper and put them into a big bowl, I then closed my eyes and chose one, the winner is .... drumroll please:)  Horseygal!!!  Horseygal if you are reading this post please email me at with your address so that I can send your goodies to you:) 

The other day I was thinking about pulling my Easter decor out and while in my local Goodwill store I came across this adorable little bunny planter for $1.97 which was the perfect size for a plant I just purchased at Lowes last week!  How cute is this little guy?

I'm definately ready to start thinking about Easter now, it'll be here before we know it!!! Have you done any Easter decorating?

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  1. Now that is a great GW find! I love it with the plant. So nice to have you visit.

    I have done the same thing, before I figured out Just go there and on the right hand side is a box, you just put the top number in and press the button and it generates a number for you. (I can't print it on my blog yet, they just have to trust me!)