Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Favorite Fall Decor

We have a really tiny 2 bedroom duplex that I am dying to move out of as soon as possible but as long as we are here I am determined to make it as pretty as possible!  We recently got a new dining table and chair set from Target which I love and I've been looking for cute fall decor ideas to make it more pretty, right now it looks like this

pretty boring right?  although I really like my $6 pedestal bowl and foam pears (also from Target) I really want to dress up the table a bit for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday even though we won't be at home for dinner.  I know the table is really small but I think with maybe a few placemats and maybe a more colorful display in the center that it will really wake up the area.  So in my quest to find ideas I found a ton of really cute and easy to do table centerpieces.  Check them out below!

These ideas come from the Better Homes and Gardens website, check out the how to on their site,

check out these pretty harvest candle rings

I love this 1!

Another one from although I think this one would be even prettier with brighter flowers

One of my favorites because I love the spray painted silver pumpkins sooo much!

This one is beautiful, festive and super easy!

Love this mix of green apples and grapes along with white roses, see how to do it here

I would do this one on a beautiful white, silver or gold platter and maybe use just one color of candles

Something like this would work well for a small table like mine! Yay! 

Another small centerpiece for those of us with tiny tables:)

Check this idea out from! I love the simplicity of using carnations and cranberries! check out the how to's here

Check out another from and see how to do it here

And 1 more simple one from, directions here

Well that's all folks! I hope you got some great ideas for table centerpieces, I know I did.  As soon as I figure out which one I will do I'll post the results.  Thanks for checking out my post.

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