Wednesday, October 28, 2009

West Elm Lookalikes!

If you are anything like me and love the furniture at West Elm but sometimes don't love the price tag check out these West Elm knockoffs/look alikes!

This first photo is of the West Elm Framed Side Table ($149) and the and West Elm Framed Bridge Table($199).

These tables from Ikea are in no way exact lookalikes but if you need an inexpensive nesting table set check out the Klubbo nesting tables for $79.99,

The next lookalike comes from Overstock, the livinded three-tier vanity display table at $69.99,

compared to this version at West Elm for $169.99,

 The Overstock version is a great deal for a $100 less and gets a great rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 on!

These next photos are of the West Elm angled-leg side at $169, and

the angled-leg coffee table for $299,

but check out these very similar tables from Ikea!

the Vejmon side table for $99,

and the Vejmon coffee table for $149!

The next look-alike is my personal favorite but that's probably because I purchased it for my own home.  Check out the cute scoop back dining chairs from West Elm for $99 each wich come in an array of colors and patterns,

and now check out my dining chair (sorry for the poor picture quality) from none other than Target!

It's not an exact match but comes pretty close and at $79 for a pack of 2 chairs I think I found a pretty good deal.  They don't however sell these chairs online, only in the store.

Okay my next related lookalike is again my favorite since it the dining table that goes with my Target chairs.  Here is the West Elm Parson's Table that seats 4 for $299

And here is the Target lookalike in my microscopic dining area (please ignore my crappy photography and dirty carpet:) The Target table is not as sturdy as I'd like but for $99 I can't complain.

I must point out that I have owned furniture from West Elm and it is very pretty and solidly made although the wood tends to scratch easily so in the future if I did purchase another table from them I would definately have plexi-glass or regular glass cut to fit the top to preserve the life of the table. 

My last set of lookalikes are mirrors and seriously the first set look so much alike I couldn't tell the difference when I saw it in my friends home.  Check out West Elm's chunky wood floor mirror for $399

Now check out Ikea's version called Mongstad for $99! 

I kid you not, this looks almost exactly like the West Elm version in person!

The last lookalike is of West Elm's Mirror-framed mirror for $149

Now check out a version I found in my local Lowes Store for $68, not an exact match but still very similar and trust me, so much prettier in person

Thanks so much for checking out my lookalikes post, I have much more to post in the near future so please come back!

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  1. Hi there. I laughed when I stumbled upon your page because I've also been a fan of West Elm, and I've been doing the EXACT same thing! I've been lucky enough to find some great "steals" off of Craigslist like a discontinued West Elm 5-pc chunky modular seating in fairly good condistion for $400 and four white scoop chairs for $100...anyway, good luck to you & have fun shopping! : )