Monday, October 12, 2009

Pretty Chairs from Pier 1

So my current obsession is chairs because I currently have a naked dining table, meaning a dining table with only 2 chairs! I purchased my dining table on Craigslist (another obsession of mine) a few months ago and while it needs a good coat of paint I still love it for it's curvy french lines and oval shape which took me forever to find (I'll post photo's later). So lately I've been searching everywhere for chairs that would suit it's french lines but not too french country looking since I'm trying to stay away from that. Well I had found some really great looking black and white upholstered dining chairs on the Pier 1 site a few weeks ago (the 1st chair above) but had not gone into the store to check them out for myself until this past weekend. So I popped the baby in his car seat and headed over to the store and as soon as I walked into the store what do I see but the chair I've been dreaming about for the past few weeks and it looks even better in person! I also discovered that Pier 1 has tons of other gorgeous dining chairs as well as chairs suited for the living room. Above are some of the best ones I saw. Check out the Pier 1 website for yourself and get inspired!

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