Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stenciling Project Sneak Peek! and a New Mirror

Just thought I would share what I'm working on today real quick, I'm super excited to finish it!!!! and so far so good:)

I have been wanting a venetian style mirror for a while now and I finally found one I could afford last week at HomeGoods (my happy place:).  It was on clearance for $115 and I really didn't want to pay that cuz well I'm super frugal aka super cheap but I knew I wouldn't find another one for that price anytime soon!   I purchased it after walking away from it about 3 times and the hubz hung it for me on our entry wall this past weekend.   Today I got started with my stenciling project for that wall and I like it so far.   I chose a damask stencil that mimics the shape of the mirror, I'll give full details when I finish it and post a photo of the full wall reveal, crossing my fingers I can finish it tomorrow sometime... wish me luck:)


  1. Great project. Can't wait to see the final reveal. Have a great week, Kelly!

  2. Thanks so much Kim! I think I may have tackled a bigger project than I originally though, it is definately moving slow but I'm determined to finish:)

  3. I look forward to checking out your blog later! The stencil looks great. I originally was going to do a spread out look like that but didn't love it in our dining room. Can't wait to see the finished room!

  4. Kelly,
    This is an impressive mirror. But even more impressive... your gorgeous stencils! I love the damask design. It is so rich and old glamour. Very very elegent!

  5. Great mirror and very pretty stencils!