Friday, April 8, 2011

Be Still My Heart!!!!

This is what I thought when I laid my eyes on this image today and I just had to share!

Ted Yarwood design for Canadian House & Home

After viewing my dining room photo over and over and then looking at my future plans for the room something just didn't feel/look right.  I just think that the chairs in there now are too square for the curvy lines of the table and china cabinet.   So using the photo above as my motivation I started to think about painting these chairs that I purchased back in November of last year a shade of turquoise or aqua blue

When I purchased the chairs above I really liked them even though I knew they would need a lot of work and I decided I just didn't want to put in the work and so they sat in my basement, and sat and sat... you get the picture

When I saw that amazing photo of the turquoise chairs against the green table I just fell in love!  I really love color but I also love the photo's of white spaces I see all over blogland...  In the end I think my love for color is going to end up winning because today on a whim I  started the process of painting all 4 chairs a bright turquoise!  I can't wait to share the final project with you next week!!!


  1. I love the shape of those chairs... it will look amazing painted in the colors you mentioned... I saw some stuff with these colors at Target today... you might want to stop by to get some inspiration ;)

  2. Thanks so much Emily Ann and Elizabeth, I will definatley check out Target too for motivation,especially since I'm usually there a couple times a week:) I really want to paint the table green like the one in the picture but my husband looked at the picture and basically said in his I hate it voice "wow that's bright"....well the table may just get painted white but the chairs will be bright turquoise so I'll be one happy girl:)