Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Dining Room Inspiration

Generally when I see a photo of a room I'm inspired by online I right-click it and save it!  I've saved  so many images I like but these 3 are the top dining room's that inspire me.   I think these are true to where I want my dining room to go, although of course me being me I'll be adding some pops of color to the white.  I really wanted to take some photo's of my dining room and share them with you today but our weather today in Northern VA has been rainy and dark so I think I'll wait until a sunnier day to share my progress...

I love this room by Holly at Life In the Fun Lane!  www.inthefunlane.com
I just love the contrast of the white table against the linen colored slipcovered chairs and the dark flooring.  We just started installing dark stained bamboo flooring in our dining room that looks very similar in color.

Not sure where I found this one, wish I would have saved it with a name or something, but this room is just stunning in my opinion.   Again I love the contrast of white against the dark floors..

I just love this dining  room of blogger Deb of Cappuccino Cottage http://cappuccinocottage.blogspot.com, I'm actually steering toward painting my table white like hers!

So there you have it! My dining room inspiration:) Can't wait to share what I'm doing with mine.  Thanks so much for all your comments and suggestions too!


  1. The last one "feels' most like YOU!!! With the POPS of color. Love it...a lady after my own heart. Good luck...

  2. Melifaif you are so right! I just love that photo of her dining room:) My walls are a light turquoise blue so there will definately be color!