Friday, November 5, 2010

New Etsy Pillows & An Update

If some of you may remember I recently took the plunge and purchased two of these beautiful chairs from Pier 1 a little over a month ago.

I loved these chairs so much that I would just gaze lovingly at them whenever I passed them, yep I've got problems, I think I spend way too much time in my house!  So after owning the chairs for two weeks I noticed one of them started creaking everytime I sat in it.  This wasn't a little creaking noise either, my husband and I both noticed it and I got a bit scared, if these chairs started creaking after two weeks then I just didn't think they were strong enough to stand up to the every day abuse that my family of 3 sons and a messy husband could put them through.  I contemplated for a long time and even though about keeping them and just putting one of them in our bedroom since surely it wouldn't get sat on much in there...  Well after plunking down $400 for both chairs my frugal self caved and decided it wasn't worth the worry to have the beauty and returned the chairs.   I started searching anywhere and everywhere for the fabric so I could possibly have some curtains or pillows made out of my beloved pattern but it seemed like the pattern had either been discontinued or was sold out everywhere.  Joanne's had it on their website but were no longer carrying it.  One day I happened to be searching etsy for pillow covers and came across this!

Seriously I couldn't contain my excitement, I promptly contacted the seller and asked if she possibly had enough fabric to make me 3 more and she said she could order more! The seller was Christina and her shop is called The Seam, you can check her out here  Christina was super easy to work with, really communicated during the process and did quick and great work, I highly recommend her! 

So maybe a few days afer receiving my pillow covers from Christina I stumbled upon these dining room slipcovers on the Pier 1 website!

You know I was super excited right?  I guess I'd never connected this slipcover to the chairs I loved because they have a different name....So I decided I wouldn't get my hopes up until I saw them in person.  So last night I had a couple hours of time to myself and I'd been wanting to go to Pier 1 anyway to look at dishes for Thanksgiving dinner (I'm hosting it this year) so I killed two birds with one stone:)  The slipcover in person was beautiful but I'm not sure they will fit my existing dining chairs which is okay since I really do need to purchase two more dining chairs anyway and Pier 1 has a chair that they make specifically for this slipcover.  Okay enough of my rambling, I just had to share my excitement with someone and well... my husband just doesn't get it!


  1. I love that fabric too. Way to go momma. Thanks for your concern about Layla. I am holding strong on my faith and I know He will get us through this...thanks for the prayers!

  2. Thanks so much Melifaif,I hope all will be well with your little princess, I'm still praying:)

  3. What a wonderful post Kelly!! I love Pier 1 as well and was actually visiting the website when I received your message. I can't believe I have never seen those gorgeous chairs and slip covers! I love them too!
    You are such a dear to write such kid words about me and my shop! I am thrilled to have been able to help you. Can't tell you how much it means to know that something I made brings you such joy!
    Hope you continue to enjoy the pillow covers. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!!

  4. You were smart to return the chairs. If they were creaking now they would be broken and unusable soon!
    Have you ever checked out
    I just bought 2 chairs from them, and was pleased. I did a post on it recently. If you link through first you get a % back, and the shipping is never higher than 2.95 and many times a dollar like today.
    Maybe you will see something you like!

  5. Thanks Kathleen, I didn't know about mrrebates,I'm going to check it out! Oh and I love Overstock, I recently purchased a rug from them and i agree that you can't beat $2.95 for shipping:)

  6. good for you! you know, i've noticed that most pier one chairs are rather small and low to the ground - one of my clients bought some upholstered dining chairs there and they looked positively wimpy at her table. we took them back immediately. better to find a great solid chair at an estate sale and have it slipcovered. i have a fantastic seamstress who does custom slipcovers very reasonably. If you ever need anything done, let me know!

  7. Kelly, I totally get your excitement! I do the "wander in and stare" at anything new I really love. The chairs are great and it all worked out. Your blog is GORGEOUS! Those chandeliers are adorable.P.S. Thank you for being my first follower at my new Grace and Flavor blog!

  8. Kelly, I found your blog through the blog locating site for our lovely state. It's such a bummer that you had to return the chairs, but what luck to find some one that had the fabric. I really like your writing style and blog. Have a great week.