Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dreaming of...China Patterns

I have always loved fine China, my mother's Blue Danube was proudly displayed in her china cabinet when I was growing up and of course all holiday meals were served on it. I guess it's just natural that one of the first things I thought of when we moved into our first home 3 months ago was finding a china cabinet and a china pattern.   My wonderful mother had previously told me to find a china cabinet under $500 (probably a used one) and she would purchase it for us as a house warming gift.  I've previously posted about how much I love my white shabby chic china cabinet that we found at On a Whim Antiques in Lucketts, VA!  Now I really need some china to go in it. I had been searching high and low for something I loved and then I found it! It was white and turquoise, simple and elegant and it had a scalloped edge (something I love) and made by Lenox, a company my mother assured me made quality china.  Then I found out that it was discontinued:( total disappointment.  I still plan on calling the Lenox/Kate Spade China company to see why.   Last Friday while in Macy's trying to find another china pattern that wasn't discontinued I spotted these pieces on a clearance rack.

I was super excited and thought I might get lucky and find more pieces at other stores but no luck, after doing a computer check the sales associate was only able to find 1 or 2 more dinner plates and they were all out of state... Well at least I got a great deal on the pieces I was able to find.  I paid $13 for $120 worth of Lenox/Kate Spade china

So I was back to the drawing board. I really wanted something that was elegant but not to stodgy, something that would fit in with shabby chic decor and coordinate with the Gwinnett lane pattern I love so much and hope to find little by little.   I really like Chirp by Lenox (pictured below) but one of my close friends thinks it's too casual. I think it would work with the Gwinnett Lane pieces though and I love the little bird...

 I also sort of like Gilded Tapestry, again made by Lenox but not so crazy about all the brown.  Do you collect China? if so is your pattern current or discontinued?


  1. lucky girl! I don't have any china yet, hopefully one day!

  2. I sadly have no need for china...but one day I hope to! (Thanks for stopping by, and the flower pin I grabbed off of the sale table at J.Crew for 5 bucks, just recently too. No longer online!)

    xx-T <- New follower too! ;)

  3. I love all of these!!! I don't know if I'll ever purchase a whole new set of china... perhaps for a big anniversary? Invite me over anytime, I'll just eat on yours!

  4. Oh my god the KS/Lenox things are gorgeous! That turquoise is amazing! Lok what I found:


    not on sale, but Xmas is coming! You could start dropping hints now!

  5. That was a fantastic deal, and I love the color. We don't have World Markets here in NY, so I can't help with that! :)