Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Visit to World Market and the hunt for a perfect chair

Sorry about the extremely long title but I just had so much to share in this post:) Over the holiday weekend my husband and I took a trip to World Market which is only about a half hour drive from our house but everyone who knows me knows that I am not much of a driver so if a store isn't 15 minutes or less from my house I just don't go that often! I'm always checking out the World Market website and had noticed that they had some new spring merchandise out that I so wanted to see in person. My experience with World Market has been pretty good but I have noticed that sometimes the photo's on their website tend to make the colors look richer and brighter than when you actually see the item in real life. We have lived in our house for 2 1/2 years now and I still have not found the perfect chairs for our living room:( Right now we have this chair that was purchased sort of on a whim from Ikea based mainly on the comfort factor and it being stain resistant!

You see I live in a house full of men, my husband and two nearly grown teenagers and one very cute little 4 year old (I'm partial:) so comfort for them is key and something durable and easy to clean for me is key! So again I purchased the chair on a whim at Ikea because it met both of those needs, it's super comfy and wipeable but not so pretty...I dream of two pretty wingback style chairs, something slightly french or victorian looking. So when I saw some of the new chairs on WorldMarket's website I knew I had to take a looks in person!

So these were my picks online before seeing the chairs in person and testing them all out.

The Peacock Quincy Chair

This is the Peacock Quincy Chair in person

My impression: first of all the lighting in the store is not so great so taking good pictures is kind of hard....but the color of the chair was gorgeous and I loved the velvet fabric! however it wasn't a comfy chair, more for looks than sitting in in my opnion, so definately not in the running for my house.

The Fern floral Print Erin Chair

The Fern Floral Erin Chair in person

My impression: I really like this chair, however the colors were not as vivid in person as they were online:( I really wanted the blue in the chair to be more of a true aqua blue but it wasn't although once I plopped an aqua pillow in the chair the colors seemed to pop more. It was also pretty comfy but I'm a bit afraid of it getting stained from being so light in color.

The Reading Chair

The Reading Chair in Person

My Impression: At first glance I liked it but didn't love it, however my husband really loved it, especially the comfort level. It was a bit more comfy than the Erin Chair but the background color bothered me a bit, it's sort of a cross between gray, beige and olive green..and yes I know I'm very picky:) This one will definately hold up better on dirty hands and sticky fingers though:)

So the contenders are the Fern floral print Erin Chair and the Reading chair. We are planning to make the purchase before their furniture sale ends on February 3rd so we have to make up our minds pretty soon! While we were there I snapped a few pictures of some other pretty home decor items I loved, there was so much eye candy and if I had been by myself I would have probably stayed in there all day snapping pictures...

I loved these gorgeous green/blue glass candlesticks, I think I'll pick these up when we go back for the chairs!

Pretty postcard style throw pillow

This Peacock artwork was breathtaking! my husband and I both loved it but at $300 it's definately a splurge purchase...

Floral fabric covered boxes

Cool vintage inspired clocks, I want one for my mantel...

Love this for the kitchen

Vintage style photo frames

So what do you think? which chair would you pick?


  1. I love having a WM close by! I think it sounds like you maybe should keep looking....though the Reading chair seems to make the most sense!

  2. Thank you for including World Market on your blog today.

    - World Market

  3. Looks very chic! Nice blog you have!