Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy as a Kid on Christmas Day!!!!

I totally felt a rush of  glee this afternoon when I opened my front door and there was my package from Tonic Living!!!! Woo freakin Hooo! If you have followed my blog at all you will know that I change my window covering pretty frequently... I never seem to find the right curtains or fabric for curtains, well that is until recently when I was randomly googling another fabric I was considering for living room curtains but it just wasn't speaking to me... Instead I ran into this gorgeous fabric called Sweet William from the Canadian company Tonic Living 

The bloggers RamblingRenovators used it for bedroom drapes and it turned out so beautiful

You can read all about their experience and see more beautiful photo's
 here . Funny thing is I still wasn't sure although I couldn't stop thinking about the fabric, that is until one day I was in Homegoods searching for something for my mother's home and I spotted the same fabric used on a lampshade!  I purchased the lamp and decided to order the fabric the next day!  Here is a not so great photo of my new lampshade although I decided to use it with a lamp I already had and use the lamp it came with in my bedroom (I'll save that for another post).  Oh and yes I know the lamp shade looks crooked although it doesn't look that way in real life...

So here is quick photo I snapped of my 12 yards of fabric I got in the mail today!!!!

I can't wait to get started on my new curtains!


  1. thats too funny! i ordered some fabric for windows too but when i got it i decided i would just make pillows instead. i was in homegoods today and found a pillow with my fabric! at least i know they'll look good = )

  2. soooo beautiful!!! can't wait to see how they look in your house :)

  3. I love the selection at tonicliving! Your fabric is gorgeous! Can't wait to see your curtains!


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