Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My First Sewing Project! Tablecloths into Curtains!

I know it's been a really long time since I've posted and I do apologize for that, I've been fighting through a bit of depression  since the past holiday season was the first one without my father... but I think I'm back on track now and I've got lots of projects to work on and share with you!  I don't know if anyone remembers my blog post about using tablecloths for curtains back in June, http://idreamofdecor.blogspot.com/2010/06/tablecloths-into-curtains.html.  Well I finally did it, I'd been searching for curtains for my living room windows for a long time and while I found a few prospects at World Market and ZGallerie, ultimately I just never found any I really loved.  I had planned on having some made with this fabric from Waverly of which I have loved for a really long time but ultimately after doing my monthly budget I just couldn't swing the price of the fabric and the price of having them made.

One day I happened to be in TJ Maxx with my 14 y/o Devin and I think I was purchasing candles or something for the house and happened to see some gorgeous April Cornell Tablecloths and loved the floral pattern as well as the color scheme of periwinkle and aqua which would match nicely with our aqua walls!  As luck would have it they had two rectangular tablecloths although one was 90 inches long and one was 120 inches long I knew I could hem one and have the right length I needed.  I also purchased a matching table runner for my dining table, a pack of 4 napkins to make small throw pillows and 4 placemats, my total was only $65 for all of this so I was super happy! 

One of my Christmas gifts from my husband was a sewing machine, something I'd wanted for a long time but just never purchased for myself seeing as though I don't sew much but right before Christmas i had read a post on Centsational Girls blog about teaching herself to sew and that was really the inspiration I needed, if she could do it then darn it so could I!  Once I got my tablecloths home I got to work, the previous night I had threaded the machine and got it all set-up so all i needed to do was to make a pole pocket for my soon to be curtains and hem the longer of the two.   Trust me if I can do this, anyone can! The only sewing I've done in my life was with my grandma as a little girl and then in Homec classes in middle school which was about 18 years ago (that makes me sound really old!).  The photo is really bad because my camera is on it's last leg but here is a photo of my final result (the damask sheers are from Lowes if anyone is interested).

 I love the pattern on the curtains and can't wait to do some more sewing, right now I'm working on pillows!


  1. they look beautiful, kelly! i like the darker color of these- so dramatic!

  2. Thanks so much ladies! I plan on making a Pelmet box for my small dining room window with the leftover fabric, can't wait to see if it turns out like the vision in my head...

  3. So pretty! And good for you taking the sewing bull by the horns! I sold my sewing machine a few years ago, I suck at it! I just love the idea of tablecloths + curtains!Isn't it great when you find just what you want AND they were a bargain!

  4. thanks so much Lauren and Horseygal! I really apreciate your comments:)

  5. So pretty! I love the print and colors! :)