Thursday, October 7, 2010

Goodwill Goodies and a Distressed Table!

I just have to tell you that I'm super excited because I just finished my first try at distressing furniture and I think I did pretty well for a first-timer, Woo Hoo!!!  The other day when I was visiting my Momma I stopped at the Goodwill near her house and found this great french chair!!!!!

Have I told yall how much I love anything french inspired?... Well I am obsessed, but in a good way:)

Look at the detail!

It was $5!!!!! it is missing a support bar from the base of the chair but I'm hoping either my husband Jerry can fix it or if he can't figure it out, I'm hoping a carpenter won't charge a huge amount to fix it... we'll see.  I actually love the color of the wood but I even thought of painting it an aqua or turquoise blue to go with a white desk for my living room that I've got my eye on from Craigslist.

The 2nd thing I purchased that was just calling my name since I've always wanted a little pedestal table in my living room, was this little thing that probably came from the 70's or 80's... It was $10 and I think worth it since it's very solid.

At first I wasn't sure what color I wanted it to be, and again I thought about painting it aqua but then again my walls are sort of aqua and some curtains I've been eyeing have aqua and turquoise in them and I didn't want it to be blue overkill!  I decided on a creamy white since I already have a white china cabinet and entry table and I really like how those pieces make the room brighter, plus I just love the shabby chic/cottage style... I really wanted to try distressing, I'd never tried it and I really just wanted a light distressed look and well enough babbling... I like how it turned out, but do you think I should distress it more?

Obviously Brendon likes it too:) as soon as I brought it up from the basement after the paint was dry he decided it would be great to climb on and watch tv.... 2 year olds!

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  1. LOL regarding Brenden. Too cute...I like the table. I think you could go a little further, but why mess with a good thing? Looks like Brenden will help you naturally distress it!


  2. i love visiting your blog and seeing all the neat things you do with decor! truly inspiring! thank you! i love that fantastic table! where do you get your $5 finds??

  3. Thanks so much Meli! and yes I'm sure Bren will be putting much distress to that little table:) Hi Kristen! I just checked your blog and added my email in order to join your blog!

  4. What awesome finds! Loving that table. I am new follower..thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. The table colour is perfect,it matches very well with the wall. Good job!

  6. that table is adorable- i love the pedestal base and lines to it! nicely done!

  7. I really like how the table turned out!! And a little boy watching tv on it....just the right decorative touch! ;)

  8. The pedestal table turned out awesome. I love the distressing. As for the know I love's me some turqouise.