Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More DIY Christmas Projects

Now that the ball is rolling on Christmas I am just loving looking through all the blogs/website and trying to find decor ideas.  This afternoon I hung a garland over my dining room (uh I mean dining room space, it's tiny) wall mirror that I made with all Dollar Tree supplies, I originally saw the idea on the Pier 1 Website and loved it but I surely wasn't going to run out and buy it for $35, so I headed down to Dollar Tree and bought one of those 6 foot garlands they have and a few red and green ornaments.  Here is the Pier 1 garland from one of their online circular, I love it but we can't do much faux snow in our house since the little guy puts EVERYTHING in his mouth! so I couldn't do the snowy part... This is a horrible photo but for some reason their website is acting up when you try to copy photos...

Anyway here is the garland I made, my camera is crappy so the photo's just don't come out very well, it loks alot better in person.

I actually ended up doubling the garland before tacking it up around the mirror because the Dollar Tree quality is really skimpy but it was easy as pie to make and for about $3 including the ornaments you can't beat it.  I'm thinking of making one to go around my front door.

Another project I did today was to make this wreath to hang above our tv, just a cheap wreath from Michael's, some small Christmas balls from the dollar tree and  about 10 small poinsettia flowers.

And here it is hanging over our tv, so boring, oh and please ignore my unfinished Christmas display on the tv stand.  I gotta figure out a way to spruce this wall up BIG TIME, ladies if you are reading please tell me what to add to this wall that isn't going to cost me much (oh and as a side note I can't move the smoke detector since it is where our landlord placed it:(.  I thought about hanging stockings but thought it might look weird hung so high up... I'm lost


  1. Hi Kelly! You didn't have a return email so I thought I'd come over here to let you know about the shelf/faux mantel. I got mine at Hobby Lobby for about 6 bucks because it had a dent in it that you could barely see. Usually they're around 20.00 but the 50% off coupons are online all the time. :) Hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by, your garlands lookin good! I have the same ornaments around my house! Love that green color!


  2. Hey Ms. Kelly!!! I love your garland ..awesome as always!! I always love you DIY.. I am soo like you. Why spend $35 when you can make it for soooo much less. I am the queen of the cheap. I mean frugal ( sounds better that way). Hey, I think I found one of your earrings when you ripped it off at my blog.. lol. Thanks for having my back..... LYLAS

  3. Hi Kelly~ I love that you put garland and bulbs around your mirror, looks great! Your topiary christmas tree is great too. Thanks for your sweet visits, they are appreciated!

  4. thanks so much ladies! I'm learning so much from all of you, and all these years I thought I was creative! geesh:)

  5. You certainly have to be creative when doing Christmas decorating in a small space, as you've pointed out! My tip is to use removable wall decals (I get mine from http://www.wallslicks.com). You can even put a festive "tree" on the wall and not have use up floor space. By the way, these decals have a matte finish so they look painted on, and you'll have a classy look.

  6. What a fabulous idea to drape the mirror!