Monday, December 14, 2009

More DIY Christmas Decor

We just got a Goodwill in our city no more than a couple weeks old and I've been meaning to check it out but thrift shopping is not much fun with the baby in tow so I waited til my husband was home from work last Friday and told him I was in desperate need of a project or I was going to go craaazy! so he agreed and pushed me out the door (he doesn't like when I act nutty).  My main reason for checking out the store was trying to find a few more Christmas decor projects to pass the time until the big day and while they had a couple of things I liked and could possibly redo I wasn't very happy with the selection until I saw these!

Yep I was excited and saw all kinds of potential because I had recently came across the instrucions for make beaded and sequined ornaments here and wanted to try it with all the crystal beads I had left over from all my jewelry making endeavors.  So out of the bag of goodwill ornaments I ended up with 6 medium satin ornaments and 2 small satin ornaments to cover.  To say I was excited is putting it mildly, I couldn't wait to get started on this project the next day and first thing Saturday morning I ran up to the fabric store to get some straight pins, there were 250 in the package I bought and though surely I wouldn't use all of them for one ornament.  I was dead WRONG, it took about 260 straight pins and 260 beads to cover one ornament and it was a very time consuming project to boot but I love the outcome!

I am currently working on the 2nd and 3rd ornaments but I'm running out of beads so I'll have to take a trip to the bead store that sells these czech glass beads.  I hope to make these throughout the year so I can have a tree full of them next Christmas. 

Okay so my next quick project was to find an interesting way to cover the ever present Dollar tree disco trees

I thought of using feather boas from the fabric store (I'd seen another blogger do this) but they were $4.99 a piece and didn't want to spend $10 on this project so while wandering through Walgreens on Saturday looking for ideas I came across this

I wouldn't put this on my tree but to cover my little mirror trees I thought it might be pefect and here they are

I am pretty pleased with how they turned out and can't wait to use them on my tv stand, still trying to figure out what else to put on there that my little one can't grab off...

Another potential project I came across but haven't started yet is this garish gold hope plaque I found on sale at the Family Dollar for $2.50

When I saw it I knew it had potential but I'm still trying to figure out if  want to spray it a bright red for Christmas or maybe silver so I can use it throughout the year and hang it in my bathroom or somewhere else... I'll post pics of the final project but in the meantime I'll be sanding/scraping off mounds of gold glitter:)  As always I really appreciate you checking out my blog and of course I love comments, thanks so much!


  1. Those look just fabulous. You could totally sell them!

  2. oooh! love the trees! i liked them as they were, but now- WOW! and the ornaments are fab, too, and could even be marketed as kissing balls. you could just add a little sprig of mistletoe so you have a much prettier, and more sparkly and modern version of a yuletide tradition. LOVELY!