Sunday, April 18, 2010

Liberty of London Love

I have been in an out of Target half a dozen times since they launched this line but didn't really take the time to look at the dinnerware until last night and oh boy was I surprised! very pleasantly!  I don't love melamine dishes but these were some really beatiful pieces and they would be great for summertime dinners when we actually do eat outside. 

I looove this floral ceramic canister, but then I love anything with a floral pattern!

These teapots are beautiful, even though I don't drink hot tea I though about purchasing them...crazy I know but seriously aren't they beautiful?
I couldn't stop looking at these online and seriously they look even better in person

This one I just love, probably because of all the different shades of purple and pink in the pattern.  I did purchase this one for my morning coffee because it makes me smile, and now I must go back and get the other 3 I saw on the shelf since they seem to be selling out everywhere in this pattern.  It is currently out of stock on Target's website.
I want to do another post about the Liberty of London for Target line after seeing the beautiful bedding they have in the line.  I seriously don't know where to start with that 1 but stay tuned for more... thanks so much for reading!


  1. Wow! Lovely...especially the black and white! And they are coming to Target? Great! Happy weekend...Debbie

  2. Hi Debbie! yes they have been at Target for quite a while now, I am hoping to pick up a few more pieces the next time I stop by my Target since I know these special lines never last too long...

  3. I am in LOVE with this line, I *need* to go to Target and get a few items. My problem is that I put myself on a spending freeze for April, but you know Saturday is May... can't wait!

  4. Tamara, I am just reading your comment, right after I became a follower on your blog! that is too funny, I love your photo's! you are really talented:)